“Education to be complete must be humane. It must include not only the training of intellect but also the refinement of the heart and discipline of the spirit” – Dr. Radha Krishnan
Being educators, the greatest debt we owe to our young ones is to give them quality education and to facilitate them to explore their hidden, inherent talents and excel in their chosen fields. At Khalsa College Public School, our aim is to facilitate each child to become smart and refined human being of strong character and competent professional with positive attitude. Present age is creative age fuelled by innovations and creativity, therefore the focus of Khalsa College Public School is to make the students globally competent by technology infused learning. Since the technology is developing at the bench breaking speed, so it is time to shift the paradigm of education beyond the books and class rooms. Therefore at Khalsa College Public School, there are High Tech Science Labs, Computer Labs, Language Lab and Activity rooms which provide technology infused learning and make the students tech savvy.
The knowledge is delivered to the students at their finger tips with the help of advanced technology through smart class rooms so as they become successful global learners.“Every Child has an artist within him, the problem lies in keeping the artist alive when he grows up” said Picasso. To fulfil this goal, at Khalsa College Public School, various cultural functions, model class presentations, inter house, inter class & interschool competitions, special assemblies and annual functions go a long way to keep the artist alive in our students. Our students bring laurels to the school by participating in various Scholastic as well as Co-Scholastic activities.
We provide ample opportunities to participate in Co-scholastic and sports along with Scholastic activities so as to channelize their excessive energy in a proper direction. Special coaching in various indoor and outdoor sports is given to the students in the morning before the start of regular school under the guidance of specialized coaches and our DPE’s. Many of our students have been selected at State as well as at National Level in various sports.
At Khalsa College Public School, the students are facilitated with regular orientation and counselling sessions so as to make their learning more interactive, joyful, stress free relating to various life skills and preparing them to face the future challenges with full confidence. We ensure holistic development of each child so that he/she may bloom to the best of his/her abilities.
I am very sure that our students will reach new heights of glory in Scholastics as well as Co-Scholastic fields and will always keep the banner of the school high. With Best Wishes
S.Amarjeet Singh Gill Gutentor Advanced Text