Social Awareness Campaign

Anti- Drug Rally

An Anti-Drug Rally was taken out to make people aware about deadly aspect of Drugs. Students and teachers took active part in it to make it a success. Students holding posters and pla-cards in their hands gave the message to all.
‘Drugs Take you to Death’

Save- Water Campaign

Save Water Save Life

Let us wake up to the fact that no form of life on this earth is possible without water. It is essential for all dimensions of life. We just can’t imagine of a single moment without water for the very fibre of life depends on it. Let us use it judiciously. Let us make sure it is there for generations to come ‘Save each drop for each drop harvests a crop’.

A campaign has been launched by the Principal, staff & students of K.C.P.S. to save water. In the connection a rally was organised by the students holding posters in their hands and raising slogans to save water. The purpose of this rally was to make people aware and need to conserve it as water resources are decreasing day by day.

First Aid Awareness Talk

A first Aid Awareness was organised in Khalsa College Public School. Professor and students from Khalsa College of Nursing delivered a lecture on the importance of First-Aid. They talked in details about the causes of road accidents and preventive measures. They also told the students why knowledge of First-Aid is very essential in life. Demonstration was given to students, how to give First-Aid to needy persons.

Seminar for students on Stress Management

In the modern era, life has become so fast and stressful. Everybody is in the grip of stress, tension and worries. Not only elders but children are also under stress and this stress is cause of many problems. To make students stress free, physically and mentally strong a seminar on stress management was organised at Khalsa College Public School. Mr. Sanjay Bali conducted an effective session on ‘Stress Management’ in Khalsa Public School. Session had the auspicious presence of the principal of the school Dr. (Mrs.) Sarvjit Brar, the executive director of the ‘Mission Aagaaz’ Mr. Deepak Babbar all the staff members and students. The session was completely interactive and the issues related to the students life were discussed. He emphasized on setting the priorities to achieve success and value of individuality in ones life. Many stress releasing activities were conducted in which many students came out of their stress. Then he talked about ‘How to be successful in life’ the session was made very interesting with the help of slides. He also quoted so many real life example to make students understand the problems and how to overcome them.

Students Participation in Inspire Programme

Forty two students of class XII participated in science camp organised at DAV College, Hathi Gate, Amritsar. The purpose of camp was to motivate the students for study of science. Students got a chance to interact with eminent scientists from all over the country. It proved very fruitful for the students. 12 students of XI participated in science camp organised at the same venue under Inspire fellowship scheme for young Scientists. The objective of camp is to attract talent to the study of science at an early stage and help to build the required human resource pool for strengthening and expanding Science of Technology System and R & D based scheme for Early attraction of Talent in Basic Sciences. INSPIRE aims to nourish the curiosity of children in science.